Europe – choose life

Europe is a continent existing of many nations, peoples, tribes and languages. Europe, as part of the world with a diversity of languages, cultural traditions and religious differences, has a rich history. Europe works towards unity, but what drives this cooperation?  Is it the ‘Euro’ that unifies Europe or brings the corporate responsibility unity to support people? Why do we often prefer to keep Europe outside the borders of our nations? Is Europe a threat or a challenge?

With the commission of Jesus Christ to make all the nations His disciples and the increasing disappearance of borders, Kingdom Impact wants, together with the larger Body of Christ to take up the challenge. Europe needs a healthy spiritual Church, a Church which has impact and transforms nations back under the Lordship of the Word of God. On this website you will find the history of Europe, news from Europe, an overview of nations and a manifest for the restoration of this fascinating continent.

It is important that out of Europe, a people will rise up from the different nations, peoples and tribes, who can make visible the mentality of the Kingdom of God; a people that lifts up the standard of God (King Jesus) above the nations.

KI LOGO Kingdom Impact is an international, apostolic-prophetic organism, which moves in the revelation of God. Her vision is to build a strong, lively, healthy and recognizable Church to finish the command of Jesus (Matt.28:19).